Weekly Sermons

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Listen Date Title Outline Bible Verse
Nov-29 "Wishing" -Advent Week 1 Matthew1:18-25
Nov-22 "Steps to Conflict Resolution" Matthew 18:14-20
Nov-15 "My Own Worst Enemy" Matthew 7:1-6
Nov-08 "What Can I Offer?" Mark 10:35-45
Nov-01 "Never Enough" Luke 12:13-21
Oct-25 "Lead a Child" - David Saving, Ex Dir Mark 10:13-16
Oct-18 "Say Yes" - Tyler Tollefson, DCE Matthew 4:18-25
Oct-04 "Sabbath Rest: Come to Me" - Jim Bradshaw Matthew11:25-30
Sep-27 "Do You Want to Be Well?" - Rev. Lee Hovel John 5:1-15
Sep-20 Why God Why - Nathan Sommer Romans 8:18-28
Sep-13 Metro Lutheran Ministry Update -Jim Glynn, Executive Director Matthew 25: 31-46
Sep-06 Road Trip! - Kyle Garrett John 14:1-6
Aug-23 Following Jesus is Not about Comparisons Luke 18:9-14
Aug-16 Why the Red Letters Matter John 14:5-14
Aug-09 "Love and Truth" John 18:28-40
Jul-26 Ancient Does not mean Outdated Jeremiah 6:16-21
Jul-19 The life of a student at Concordia Middle School, Taiwan - Graham Guenther Matthew 11:25-30
Jul-12 Jesus in the Old Testament: Angel of the Lord Exodus 3:1-15
Jul-05 Jesus in the Old Testament: Adam and Jesus Romans 5:12-15
Jun-28 Jesus in the Old Testament: Messianic Promises Luke 19:28-40